Omnisio Syncs Slides with Video Presentations

Omnisio has launched a tool that presenters will find very useful for conveying their messages to online audiences.

The new presentation tool takes slideshows uploaded in PDF format or to SlideShare and synchronizes them with videos uploaded to YouTube, Google Video or

The synchronization allows viewers to jump around within presentations by clicking on particular slides, which show up in an area below each video that operates much like the dock on Mac OS X. As you watch a presentation, you’ll see the current slide sitting alongside the video so you can refer to it just as you would when watching a presentation in real life.

Publishers can create these video-slideshow compilations with a fairly easy drag-n-drop tool provided for free on Omnisio’s site. In addition to syncing slides, they can add markers for people and highlights that show up within a video. These too can be used to jump to particular spots during playback, such as when your favorite celebrity appears or a particularly good joke is made.

This is Omnisio’s second video compilation tool. The first, which debuted in March, lets you take multiple videos found on the net and stitch them together into new mashups.