FriendFeedLinks: A Memetracker For FriendFeed

Given the popularity of FriendFeed, it’s surprising that we haven’t seen many memetrackers appear for the site. Today French developer Michael Mortchelewicz has unveiled FriendFeedLinks, which attempts to fill that void.

Compared to other memetrackers like TweetMeme and RSSMeme, FriendFeedLinks has a very spartan interface. There are no summaries or discussions to speak of – just a link to each story and an expandable list that shows which members have linked to it. Users can search for keywords to filter the stories, but this is only helpful if the desired word is included in the story’s title.

FriendFeedLinks is a good start – it lets users quickly find popular stories and serves as a nice alternative to Digg. But unless it integrates more features in the near future, it probably won’t see much use.