Early Atom-based mobile internet device costs $1130

Silly me, I thought these mobile internet devices (MID) based around Intel’s new Atom chipset were supposed to be relatively affordable. This Gigabyte M528 with 4.8-inch screen is up for pre-order on an Australian website (Tegatech.com.au) for around $1130 US. It was originally priced at around $1460, but the price got lowered almost immediately after everyone starting shaking their fists in the air.

Here’s what your money gets you; an 800MHz Atom processor, Linux, 512MB of RAM, 8GB SSD, 4.8-inch touchscreen at 800×480, USB, microSD slot, GPS, SIM card slot (interesting), Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. Seems a bit steep for $1130, no?

via UMPCPortal