Blackline looks out for mobile workers with LonerMobile

It took me a few passes to realize that the “Mobile” part of LonerMobile should be read like it would in “mobile phone”, not “Batmobile”. I thought they had announced the Lonermobile, the ultimate car for people with no friends. Having a down day? Lonermobile thinks you look amazing. Stuck alone in traffic, and the carpool lane is wide-open? Activate the inflatable friends in the seats.

Alas, it’s not a car. LonerMobile is a new Blackberry application by GPS developers BlackLine, announced today at WES. While it might not provide transportation for those in need of social assistance, it could very well save some lives. LonerMobile is intended to keep lone workers safe when they’re out in the field by transmitting status messages and GPS coordinates back to their employers. If the worker doesn’t respond to a check-in request or suddenly loses device communication, their employer is alerted and can pull up their last known locations for the rescue party.

BlackLine hasn’t updated their site yet, but information should be up soon.