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Update/Postscript: The event attracted several nice comments (below) and a couple of blog posts, as well.


I’m sitting here outside the Royal Festival Hall, and I’ll be here all day chatting to tech people and startups who want to drop by to the Techcrunch UK meetup. It’s 12.14pm right now and I’ll try to do a live blog throughout the day of the people and companies who swing by.

First up was “AJ” (pictured below) who is working on an interesting idea (here’s his blog, so stay tuned).

Update 2.13pm:

About 50-60 people have turned up and everyone is chatting away as planned. Best thing to do for updates is watch my Twitter feed as getting WiFi out here on the Terrace is a little flaky….

Meanwhile, more pix (Flickr group):

  • Tamlyn

    I’ll be down later, and hoping to meet some Usability bods to set up an informal knowledge sharing monthly meetup. Twitter me if you can’t find me!

  • babul

    AJ you finally made TechCrunch! Love the pic :D

    Where is Dilan?

  • Sizemore

    Just leaving the Tuttle. See you soon :)

  • Mike Butcher

    TechCrunchUK meetup live! {seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:””}”title”:{“value”:”TechCrunchUK meetup live! “}”videoUri”:{“value”:””}}}

  • david cushman

    wish i could be there. am stuck in a conference in cannes… and not in the sun!

  • Mike Butcher

    Just posted n update – about 50 people here now. Expecting more after work I think…

  • babul

    Most people are probably stuck in the office or are too far to make it.

  • Paul cleghorn

    wow, how cool – the sun has even decided to turn out, most excellent. Have a cracking afternoon people, looks like fun.

  • Scott

    should be there by 4

  • Sarah

    It’s a shame I can’t be there…. daytime and London just don’t work for me. Otherwise I would have been there… Friday night, good company and interesting/ stimulating conversations are always great!


    But it looks like you are all having fun! Which is great!


  • shafqat

    So jealous! Looks like fun. How’s the schwag distribution? I’m working on getting our stuff together for the next meetup.

  • Natalie

    Hi Mike,

    Great to meet you :)

    Excellent turn out of people on such a sunny day. Let me know if you get any photos you want retouching!


  • Nate

    Aboutthree of us will be down at abuot 6pm. See you then!

  • stewart townsend

    Can someone order a beer for me and take a pic please, Im stuck in the office in Manc, its grey outside and twittering about Summer BBQ….oh come on sunshine and beer. Enjoy it all…..

  • Dave Nattriss

    Hi Mike – guess the weather forecasts were wrong!

    Looks like you’ve gathered an impressive crowd – well done. Would have liked to have been part of it but am busy.

  • Mike Butcher

    we’re still here :-) {seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:””}”title”:{“value”:”we’re still here :-) “}”videoUri”:{“value”:””}}}

  • Shak

    Good fun indeed, sorry we had to leave to head back to the office, defo gets the thums up from JP and I, see ya at the next 1

  • Geoff Wright

    Was great fun. Looking forwards to the next one!

    Lol @ me in the pink polo just behind Mike – with my uber cool rucksack : )

  • Richard Botley

    Great meeting everyone – I look forward to hearing more from all the interesting start-ups I met today.

    Thanks to the Blyk and Pikum guys for the rather bright yet cool T-shirts and to Mike for choosing an excellent venue and organising the sunshine.

    Have a good weekend all.


  • Grumblemouse

    Great day Mike – awesome venue, awesome weather and awesome people

  • jmac

    great day – very much enjoyed it (well done mike, you did it!!!!) – will blog it tmrw


  • kosso

    Nice one Mike! Good to see you and others out in the sun today. Had some great chats and grew some good leads today. Thanks for pointing us all to one place on this sunny Friday afternoon! :)


  • What a lovely day « Grumblemouse Musings

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  • Mike Butcher

    Glad people seemed to enjoy the idea! Have now posted more pix to this post. Rock on people!

  • Sam Sethi

    Wow not single athlete in this group of dawks (aka geeks). This group makes the addams family look normal.

    Hey you bunch of freaks, go and twitter this. Bottom line those that can do, those that can’t blog/twitter/seesmic/friendfeed/facebook.

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