Vatican embraces social networking, text messaging for Il Papa

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ilpapaFor World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia, the Vatican is going high tech. It will be setting up a social networking site much like a Catholic Facebook where people can sign up to get prayers online and text messages from the Pope.

Wait, I can get a text message from the Pope!? I’m not even Catholic but that sounds so awesome! Think he’ll use texting shorthand? Like for the Lord’s Prayer?

to: god n hvn: u r kool. we want kool & 4 earth 2b like hvn. giv us food 2day & 4giv r sinz like we 4giv sinz. lol! save r souls, cuz we kno u r tight, u r strong & u r kool 4evs. werd.

I hope not, but still, I’m going to sign up. I got a text from Ron Jeremy once, but this would be cooler.

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