ThoughtFarmer Is TubeTastic

ThoughtFarmer from Vancover based OpenRoad Communications offers an enterprise focused intranet service built around wikis.

Billed as “a knowledge sharing solution for the new enterprise” ThoughtFarmer can be used as a standalone intranet or extranet, a collaboration hub or “the knowledge-sharing component of an existing intranet.”

Like others in the space, ThoughtFarmer embraces the Wiki model, offering an open and democratic authoring environment with no barriers to content creation. The service then adds structure and social networking to the wiki core.

It’s a solid service, but the standout has been in the marketing campaign. References to a mysterious Canadian company Tubetastic started appearing online in the last couple of months. The site is accessible via login only, and no one was really sure exactly what it was (Tubetastic’s motto is “we make tubes, a whole series of them.) I received my Tubetastic employees package today, complete with employee badge, company organization chart, letter welcoming me to the company as a “sales associate” and login details to the site. The TubeTastic site turns out to be a demonstration of ThoughtFarmer in a fun and engaging way. Demo video of the service is above.