More Macs making their way to enterprise

imac 24

Before I left my last IT job, one giant task I had was converting all the office PCs to Macs. It took about two years to phase it all in, but then we didn’t have a specified budget in mind. Whenever a new user came, they got a Mac. When someone was in need of an upgrade, they got a Mac. Everything was fine, and according to InfoWorld, they’re not alone.

More and more companies are turning to their IT departments to outfit them with Macs. OSX is more secure than Windows and needs less maintenance, or at least that’s the general opinion.

Apple doesn’t have a full enterprise solution yet, but as its market share keeps growing, it’s a likely possibility. Apple’s forays into business software — Keynote and the rest of the iWork package — are solid offerings. What’s missing is a server-centric ecosystem, but with Xserves already in place, it could be only a matter of time.