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The Angel-backed, social decision-making tool, Skimbit has won agreement with widget distribution network Gigya to include Skimbit in their Wildfire tool. UK-based Skimbit says it is also in talks with AddThis, the bookmarking and sharing tool. The Addthis button currently appears 20 billion times per month, but Skimbit would potentially be the first social decision-making tool in its network. Skimbit founder Alicia Navarro says Skimbit plans to close a seed round in the next month and hopes to land more publishers for its white-label service, as it did with Wedding TV in December.

The Skimbit idea is that, as you might add a site to Digg, you would click a ‘Skim this!’ button to collect options for a decision such as choosing a holiday villa or buying a gadget. Skimbit interrogates the page you ‘skim’ to collect the relevant data for the decision making.

  • nick halstead

    Proof that the web mission is working! Congratulations to Alicia.

    sent from: [FID332773]

  • Chris

    Congratulations to Skimbit (and Alicia) — excellent evidence that the Web Mission expedition is paying off.

    Hopefully, this is just the first of many such announcements ….

  • John Handelaar

    I alternate between irritation, and thinking that Mike needs to get an award for being able saying these ridiculous names out loud for a living every day without punching anybody.

  • Mike Butcher

    Handelaar – I assure you, Skimbit and Gigya are the more serious sounding dotcom names at Web 2 Expo…

  • Alicia Navarro

    Thanks Nick and Chris for your encouragement!

    Skimbit is called so because you ‘skim’ the best ‘bits’ of sites you like, to help make a group decision. Its perhaps not ideal, but when you are a start-up, and can’t afford the tens of thousands of dollars domain sharks charge you for a more normal domain name, you work with what you have. I hope, John, this mitigates your irritation.

  • George Black

    I just had a look at Skimbit and it looks great. Even more impressive being run by one person!

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