MySocial 24×7 Is An Excellent Tool For FriendFeed Junkies

MySocial24x7, which launched early Tuesday morning, is a Firefox extension that allows users to access most FriendFeed functionality via their API directly from the browser sidebar.

Users can filter the view by type of data (Twitter, RSS feeds, YouTube, etc.), can comment or bookmark any entry, and can also reply via Twitter.

This is one of many desktop based solutions coming out for FriendFeed (we’ve covered two Adobe AIR applications, Twhirl and AlertThingy, as well). Some people will love the sidebar functionality, although I use it for bookmarks so the AIR applications are a better fit.

But this is certainly a nice tool for the FriendFeed junkies. Thumbs up.

The application, created by Sandosh Vasudevan, is built on Google App Engine.