Rearden Commerce Raises $100 Million For Enterprise Services (Or, "Mashups For Adults")

Rearden Commerce won’t confirm this one way or the other, but we’ve heard from numerous sources that the Silicon Valley company raised $100 million last week. Existing invesotrs Oak Investment Partners, Foundation Capital and American Express all participated, as well as new investor Chase Capital.

We first wrote about Rearden Commerce a year ago with a long review of the service. The company, which was founded in 1999, has now raised $200 million in its drive to marry big enterprise customers to a wide array of services – hotel, airline, restaurants, rental cars, shipping, event tickets, and parking – via customized portals. The service acts very much like a personal assistant. Set your profile up with the types of restaurants you like, whether you like aisle or window seats, and your preferred car provider, and Rearden will book all aspects of your trip for you.

This is a war chest-type fundraising round, which can give them the runway they’ll need to get through any kind of downturn before the IPO window opens for them. They remain a lurking giant among hundreds of better known consumer startups. But this ““mashups service for adults” will be releasing more high profile consumer facing products in the near future. In a year or so, they may be as well known as Salesforce in the enterprise space.