iPhone already clobbering Google's Android?

Android inside!

AndroidGuys posits that Android’s lack of certification requirements will bite Google in the butt when it finally launches Android. The theory goes like this: anyone can install and run Android. You or I could make a GSM phone in our basements, pop Android on it, and go nuts. There is no “certification” program nor is there any particular requirement for usability. Joe Chinese-OEM can pump out any piece of crap, put the Android logo on it, and go nuts. No questions asked. This means that any piece of crap phone can run Android and, because price is often the number one driver in phone purchases, your first Android experience will probably be on a low-rent phone.

Then look at the iPhone. QA out the wazoo, red hot apps, a great GUI, and a cute package. Even Symbian has some QA, which means you won’t get a bum implementation on janky hardware if Nokia has anything to say about it. While I can’t get behind the theory “Android will be on bad hardware, therefore iPhone wins,” I can understand the huge risk Google is taking in letting the average OEM have at their operating system with no oversight. Oh well. I always said the project was a dud.