Gillmor Gang Now Part Of TechCrunch Network

Journalist Steve Gillmor was a podcasting pioneer – In 2004 he began recording conversations with leading tech pundits about the issues of the day and posting them on IT Conversations. The show, which he called the Gillmor Gang, was picked up by Podshow in 2005, but a legal dispute led to a breakup in 2006 and the shutting down of the show, despite its huge popularity.

Last year Steve brought the show back and simply uploaded the files to Facebook. Today, though, the ‘Gang is back for real. It now has it’s own website here at TechCrunch – See and listen to the Gillmor Gang here. In a couple of weeks we’ll also be adding transcripts for all shows.

Jason Calacanis announced the news early, and Hugh Macleod made a cartoon to celebrate the moment. We were going to announce this on today’s show, but at about the 45 minute mark, when the conversation turned to vendor sports, I bailed out. Instead, Steve writes his thoughts about the announcement here.

To be clear – we didn’t acquire the show. But we are hosting it and managing the advertising (please contact us if you’d like to sponsor the Gillmor Gang). We’ll be announcing more partners like this in the future as well.

So please head on over to the show and let us know what you think. If you’d like to subscribe via a feed reader you’ll find the feed here.