Amazon Web Services Rolls Out Red Carpet Support

What’s the first thing Amazon does to counter the launch of Google App Engine? Makes sure its current customers are happy just where they are by providing two premium tech support packages.

AWS users can now pay for either a silver or gold level of support. Both packages offer “fast and predictable response times, an unlimited number of support cases, and personalized support from our team of developer support engineers.” The gold version takes things up a notch by also affording developers with round the clock phone support and a max 1 hour response time to urgent requests.

The silver package will cost $100 per month or $0.10 per dollar spent on monthly AWS usage, whichever is higher. The gold level is either $400 per month or $0.20 per monthly usage up to a certain charge, after which the rate declines.

Amazon hasn’t been slacking in terms of releasing new features, but we can expect that App Engine to drive even more rapid innovation from Seattle-based retail giant.