Alligator-skinned Windows Mobile wrist watch


Behold the future…today! It’s the world’s first Windows Mobile wrist watch phone. It comes at you like a feature-tornado with Windows CE 5.0, GPRS, 1.45-inch screen (with handwriting recognition!), network camera and/or a 1.3-megapixel digital camera, Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth, up to one-gigabyte of “T-flash memory,” and…um…I’ll just cut and paste the processor spec; CPU: AM403 DGT ARM926 @ 266MHZ CPU+533MHZ. Also, it supports Skype and MSN! Etc! And it’s water resistant!

So the processor is 266MHz or 533Mhz or…you know what? Not important. What’s important is that this super skinny watch has all that great stuff I just mentioned and it’ll only cost $629.95 when it comes out on Friday, April 25. Oh, and the web site says “Tentative Specifications (subject to change without notice),” so it might end up having a printer built into it by the time it ships.

Here’s the product page, if you’d like more information.