Associated Press Makes Urgent Video Distribution More Efficient

The Associated Press Online Video Network (OVN), a joint project between the AP and Microsoft, has implemented a new syndicated video feature that will allow AP affiliates around the world to easily share content with each other’s websites. Members are able to selectively choose which affiliates will be allowed to use their media, and receive a portion of the revenue earned on these remote sites.

The AP wire service was originally created to help distribute costs across all members of media networks, including those associated with television, radio, and newspapers. The online video syndication feature is a logical step in this regard. This feature will be especially useful in situations where video is only coming from local sources (such as during a natural disaster). An affiliate will be able to share its content with any number of participating members nationally while excluding close competitors, allowing it to retain exclusivity in its own regional market.

If affiliates choose to sell advertising against their local content they keep 100% of the advertising revenue. If they decide to syndicate that content across the network they will earn 30% of revenue gathered from the affiliate sites featuring their video. According to Robert Aitken, product manager for AP’s online video, there are currently over 1,800 affiliates participating in the network. These are not restricted to television networks – many are newspapers and radio stations that have created media-rich websites for their users. Possible competitors to the OVN include ClipSyndicate.

AP’s OVN also announced today that AnswersTV would be its exclusive provider of Health and Lifestyle video content. AnswersTV is a cross-platform television network, providing original HD programming on subjects including food, health, and magic.