WorldTV partners with Qik for live video

WorldTV, an online TV startup which lets users mix clips from video sharing sites and their webcam, is adding interoperability with mobile video broadcast service Qik, which itself just raised a $3 million Series B round. Qik users will be able to stream live video to WorldTV channels and WorldTV users can now broadcast live video from their mobile phones simultaneously on Qik and their WorldTV channel. A longer review is on TechCrunch UK. Suffice it to say live video is clearly a hot sector right now.

With “under $1M” in private funding, WorldTV ‘s Flash-based interface allows users add clips from YouTube, Metacafe, Yahoo, Google Video, and others. It then puts these into a playlist which plays them automatically, effectively creating a full-screen TV channel. You can also watch channels created by other people. A number of other sites allow users to create personalised internet video channels including, Cozmo, Kyte,, Mogulus, Magnify and SplashCast, but WorldTV has a simple, consumer-friendly feel to it.

The revenue model is based on a subscription-based prosumer version for additional scheduling features and an enterprise version for broadcasters with logo overlays.