Tag Heuer's $7,000 cellphone is $7,000 worth of "meh"

tag heuer meridiist 4

I have a Helio Ocean and a Palm Centro I use as my daily dialers (I know, I know) alternatively, and between the two they do nearly everything a cellphone can do, but they’re lacking one thing: crocodile skin.

That’s why I should look into this Tag Heuer Meridiist. It’s a very good looking phone from people who make very good looking watches. It’s luxury in your pocket, if having the skin of dead reptiles is lux.

Features-wise, it’s not great: a 2-megapixel camera, 1.9-inch QVGA screen, Bluetooth, and an OLED secondary display, though I can’t figure out where that goes.

And it’s totally affordable at just under $7,000. No, wait, that’s not affordable at all. This is gauche, but I still like it. Kidna.