Network Solutions Hijacking Unassigned Sub-Domains

Network Solutions is hijacking unassigned sub domains and delivering link filled holding pages for hundreds of thousands of sites.

Win Betteridge runs and contacted TechCrunch with the details:

For instance, resolves to a Network Solutions page with text links, including “Poker Tournaments” and “Texas Holdem Games.” The same is true of any other unassigned sub-domain. We have spoken to customer service a few times about fixing this problem…

I don’t know if this is standard practice for a hosting company, but this strikes me as another case of Network Solutions unreasonably profiting at the expense of its customers.

According to a search on DomainTools there are 294,438 sites on the same Network Solutions IP address as I ran a test on the sites listed (for free) by DomainTools and every single one had the same issue: unassigned domain names with link filled Network Solutions holding pages.

Yet another reason to not use Network Solutions.