Separated at birth? Apple and gOS



Thanks to ElitishSnob for pointing out the similarity between Apple’s website and the gOS AKA the sexy new MYSPACE ENABLED GOOGLE OS FROM THE MAKERS OF LINUX website. gOS is the so-called Google OS that Everex is flogging with its new Mac Mini Mini PC. Do these people think we’re not seeing this? Do they take us all for fools? Let’s take a peek into the design process.

Designer: How should the website look?
gOS: Like Apple’s.
Designer: Like how?
gOS: Put some stars and shit in there. And copy the top bar.
Designer: Stars?
gOS: Yeah, all that Apple-y shit. Like Space Command or whatever that backup thing is.
Designer: You’re going to pay me for this, right?
gOS: Yeah. Don’t worry. We’re in the Linux game. It’s a real moneymaker. Add another star over there. And some sans-serif fonts. Hot.
Designer: Please don’t lean over me like that.
gOS: Sorry. Want some jerky?