Amazon dying thanks to us, all of us

Henry “The Animal” Blodget is positing that Amazon is losing traction to all of the other content providers out there including, but not limited to iTunes and piracy. The giant once made its money selling books, DVDs, and CDs but with the Internet, the Internet, and the Internet, all of those things are available electronically and Amazon didn’t quite make the cut. While I’ll cede that they rule the world of the book, especially with the Kindle, the MP3 and the movie stores are both sub-par and not extremely popular. Amazon, now is 3rd after iTunes and WalMart in music sales. Wasn’t Amazon supposed to trounce everybody?

I’m not counting Amazon out yet, however. They know content and they have a trusted brand so this can be corrected. As it stands, however, Apple is eating most of Amazon’s sweet, sweet pie, which is bad for Bezos.