FlyTunes iPhone radio service now at 160 channels


FlyTunes, the service that brings Internet radio to cellphones, has increased the number of channels it offers to 160. When it debuted last January, it had about 50 channels, so more than a 200 percent increase.

The new channels run the gamut from news, talk and all sorts of music channels. Provided there’s at least one similar to Sirius’ Area 33, I’m game. Well, if I had an iPhone I would be. I’m one of the holdouts. Might as well wait for the 3G one now.

Users can look forward to content from a variety of sources, including NPR, (New York recently lost its smooth jazz FM station) and, which, as you may have guessed, it all about sports. Coincidentally, so am I.

I like how Orbitcast, really one of my favorite blogs, slyly digs at all the anti-merger people who claim that the combined company would be a monopoly. Really, so with FlyTunes, I have yet another way to listen to audio content. What monopoly again?