Pinger Releases Pingercast Service to All

If you are an entertainer or just someone who wants to get your message out to the world, you may be interested in Pinger’s beta release of Pingercast. In the past, Pingercast messaging was only available to major media companies but now even the small time operator can build awareness with fans who use mobile phones. Pingercast allows any entertainment promoter to connect with the audience just like the big sharks do. This messaging service enables independent bands, bloggers, comedians and entertainers to connect directly with their audience by sending audio broadcasts to their fans’ mobile phones.

Pingercast has been used to create buzz for films like, Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns, Good Luck Chuck and Saw IV. Entertainers that use the service include British musician Edward Rogers, Devon Allman’s Honeytribe, Internet personality “Bad Ass” Frank and the Mavericks Surf Contest.

“Many bands, artists and bloggers have large fan followings and these fans want to extend their relationships to the mobile phone,” said Greg Woock, CEO of Pinger. “Now everyone can use Pingercast messages as a personal broadcasting tool.”

To try, go to Pingercast.