Not smart: Kid turns camera into 600V 'taser'


When is a disposable camera—who still uses those?—considered a weapon? When you’re a student in New Jersey with a knack for modifying them to shoot electrical charges at people, that’s when!

A 14-year-old in Clinton, NJ has been charged with possession of a dangerous weapon on school grounds. Seems the future engineer was able to turn a disposable camera, just like that one, into a “taser” of sorts. The school’s resource officer, sorta like an IRC op, said the weapon “could be” capable of up to 600V of electricity-induced pain. Sure, and Pedro Martinez “could be” capable of an injury-free season and I “could be” capable of going through a post without unnecessary use of italics.

All in all, absolutely the kind of press Kodak was looking for, no doubt.

via Drudge Report