Opus No4 digital music server stores up to 3,000 CDs


What’s wireless, made by Opus and streams MP3s? Why it’s the Opus No4 digital music server, which, strangely, wirelessly streams music to up to 10 rooms in your house. You’ll need the additional Opus No2 to be able to stream, mind you. With No2, No4 is just a music server, meaning it’s just a hard drive in a home theater-looking case with an LCD. You probably already have one of those, you just call it a laptop.

But, if spending between $1,500 (320GB) and $1,800 (1TB) on a dedicated device (plus $600 per No2 wireless receiver) is your thing, by all means. I wouldn’t be ashamed to have it sit in my snazzy home theater set up. Opus will even rip up to 100 of your own CDs for you if you order now (even though you can still only pre-order).

via I4U News