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Despite his multiple status updates on Facebook last night saying he’d sold his company, I can exclusively reveal that Paul Walsh, serial twitterer, blogger, Qik-er and UK-based CEO, is not, after-all, selling his business Segala, a company which issues certification for Web services and mobile services.

Why do I know this? Because unlike the hordes of people congratulating him on the sale over his Twitter and Facebook accounts, I called him, met him and asked him, point blank.

It turns out Paul did this… for a joke. April Fool?

“I did it as a laugh, I wanted to see what the power of my status update was. How influential it was. And in fact it’s pretty feasible that we could sell. Even my staff members have been telling me its true.”

And the sale?

“I’m not ready to sell,” he says, with a glint.

Meanwhile, back in reality, Segala seems to be doing OK business-wise from what I hear, but it’s all a rather “interesting” strategy on his part, to say the least.

So what is he doing? He won’t tell me, but at least I can rely on his Twitter feed. It’s something to do with mobile and it will be social. You can join the dots.

  • http://www.segala.com Aido

    Ah bugger I was just about to close the deal on my share options, back to work so lol

  • http://www.blacknight.com Michele

    Ah well :)

  • http://blendingthemix.com Paul Fabretti

    …and he told me I could have your chair and laptop Aido….;-)

  • Jo

    Mobile AND social! I mean, thats innovation gone mad! Paul Walsh is just soo influential and soo ahead of the curve he is basically a curve in his own right.

  • http://blog.snipperoo.com Ivan Pope

    Yeah – but WHAT does he DO?

  • http://www.lovehoney.co.uk Richard

    What else he isn’t doing: checking his own sites for broken images…


    At least each broken image has an alt tag, but they’re in 3 different format…

    Is his site compliant with itself?

  • http://webhelius.com Kams

    I didn’t knew there are any format for ALT tags -at least not specified by W3C :), all it needs to be is meaningful.

  • PR pro

    Looks like he reads comments here LOL

  • http://paulfwalsh.com Paul Walsh

    I’m glad I didn’t push it by telling you it was all true Mike.

    @Richard – please feel free to get in touch with Segala directly should you find any issues with the site in the future. You can always email adrian at segala dot com or call HQ on +353 (0)1 2931 966. Adrian (AKA Aido) is Head of Operations. Regarding your concern – the images look fine to me, are they ok for you now? Lastly, when you refer to format, are you talking about the format of the images? Not sure what you mean exactly.

  • http://www.lovehoney.co.uk Richard

    Was just some old-fashioned broken images on the case studies page. Some of the images didn’t load, but they do now. Hurrah!

  • Know him

    KNow him well. Complete tool and professional bullshit artist.

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