HTC Touch gets keypad, keyboard options

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Peter liked the HTC Touch when he got his hands on it last year, and HTC has done a pretty good job of making it not just a product but a brand. The latest is the Touch Dual, a slimmer version of the original Touch with a slide-out T9 keypad. A new version at CTIA today will debut a slide-out QWERTY-style keyboard as well. They’re both the Dual, and you’ll apparently have an option as to which you’d prefer. How they’re doing this we’re not sure, but it sounds good to us.

The new Touch Dual is GSM with 3.5G connectivity, making it faster than the previous Touch on the Internet. It also has an always-on, live homescreen, giving you weather and other live news. Oh, and it runs the rad new Windows Mobile 6.1.