Labels want "music tax" to be added to Internet bill

Warner Music is proposing a $5 “music tax” that will be tacked on to your ISP bill monthly, ensuring you will hate the labels even more. The tax would generate $20 billion a year in revenues, enabling industry executives to maintain their diet of gold-dipped quail eggs and the blood of supple young virgins while paying the industry back for all the piracy that is going on.

The tax is really a “covenant not to sue,” according TC, which says that if you pay this $5 a month and you are found with pirated music on your PC or in any of your body cavities, the labels will not sue you. While this strategy might be have worked in prohibition-era Chicago, it probably won’t work on the Internet.

We’ll be watching this with great glee and fondness. This is the end of the big labels, friends, and they’re flailing.