Kannuu wins Technology Innovation Award

Kannuu won the Technology Innovation Award for Best Mobile multimedia in Nokia’s Mobile Rules! 08 competition. The award was given for kannuu’s Partial Word Completion technology that lets users find instead of search when accessing mobile services.

Ever since Samuel Johnson wrote the first English Dictionary, my spelling has been atrocious. This is especially true when I want to access something on a mobile phone using a tiny keypad or keyboard. With kannuu’s Partial Word Completion technology I can use four-way directional keys and the application’s word mastery to prevent the dreaded “no results found” that often arises from my inability to put the correct letters in the correct order to spell correctly.

The technology works by indexing list choices in up to four options. These options are presented to the user in order of likelihood and, optionally, in order of some priority metric. A kannuu-based system will present four or less options at each menu level and provide some means for the user to indicate their desired choice. For example, a device with a screen and four-way directional button may provide the user with four options at a time which would be selected by pressing the button up, down, left or right. In addition, a kannuu-based system will provide an input means for the user to indicate that their desired option is not present. On activation of this “more” option, the set of the next most likely options will be presented.

For a demonstration, go to kannuu.