Aura concept speaker uses resonating glass to transmit sound


The crew at Yanko reminds us today of the awesome power of the cone, the preferred shape of bullhorns and other sound-emitting devices. Yes, that seems plausible. With that in mind, take a look at Aura, a Jetsons-esque speaker that sorta looks like a blender and “aims to fill a room with sound using resonating glass.” She was designed by one Paul Scarfe, who also has a laptop render you might be interested in.


It’s hard, not to mention irresponsible, to pass judgment on something that only exists in 3D modeling software. It looks cool, which is our primary concern when it comes to these concepts.

To be honest, I’m slightly more concerned about whether or not David Beckham will get his 100th cap today. Don Fabio has hinted that it’s going to happen, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.