Jerald Cavitt Appointed CEO of UpCode USA

Managing Director of UpCode Ltd., Sture Udd, announced today the appointment of Jerald Cavitt as CEO of UpCode USA. Cavitt was also named the marketing leader for the UpCode brand worldwide.

“I have recognized the marketing genius of Jerald Cavitt and his ability to lead the UpCode brand with his unique marketing strategies. Jerald’s vision has separated us from the other companies by focusing on brands,” said Sture Udd Managing director of UpCode Ltd.

UpCode recently won mobile application of the year at the Nokia Mobile Rules! 2008 awards. The UpCode Parking was ruled to be the best mobile application in the Enterprise category. Parking is a point and click application that enables a mobile phone it act as an optical reader to scan any physical object, on any surface or on-screen by clicking at a mobile barcode.

UpCode USA CEO Jerald Cavitt stated “I am honored and pleased to join the UpCode Brand and to team up with Sture Udd from UpCode Ltd; together we believe that this will be the ultimate game changer in the Mobile Access & Interaction world!” Cavitt added “I have always believed in convergence enabled by physical interaction with the digital world. Accepting this award from Forum Nokia is real world validation for UpCode that we’re on the right track; and we are looking forward to deploying more solutions now.”