ECTACO jetBook e-Book reader: BEHOLD THE FUTURE!

jetBook Here it is, you guys; the book of the future. It’s the $350 ECTACO jetBook — the “ultimate pocket library.” It’s got a 5-inch screen yet “fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.” My what an enormous palm you have, sir.

It’s got a cool translation feature wherein you can translate snippets of text between English and Russian and Polish. You can also play MP3 files as background music and there’s an SD slot for really filling the thing up. There’s no mention of any standard memory so you might have to supply an SD card right out of the gate. We can forgive the lack of storage because, again, this is the future.

Also, according to the product description, “ECTACO jetBook is eco-friendly too, because it doesn’t consume the paper, ink, or other resources that are used to produce printed books.” Like I said before, this is the future. The logo also looks an awful lot like the jetBlue logo, which is the airline of the future.

ECTACO jetBook e-Book Reader [] via I4U