MoConDi to Offer Free Greystripe Mobile Games

MoConDi announced today that it will make over 800 free games available to community members of the MoConDi-run MeYou Community. The games will come from Greystripe, a company that distributes ad-supported mobile games. MeYou users can download games, recommend games to other community members, or learn about a hot new game from others.

“Mobile social networks are an ideal place for users to discover and share ad-supported mobile games and we are thrilled to provide MoConDi’s users with our catalog.” said Alvaro Bravo, VP of Business Development at Greystripe. “By implementing our AdWRAP Catalog Platform, they are joining a worldwide movement of shifting from for-pay mobile content to one that is entirely ad-supported.”

This partnership will allow MoConDi to offer mobile games from publishers such as Vivendi Games Mobile, Hands-On Mobile, Skyzone, Punch Entertainment, and digital Chocolate. Greystripe will be able to tell advertisers that it has a large outlet for ad-supported games in the North American and European markets.

“We are thrilled to enter into a partnership with Greystripe. They are pioneering ad-supported mobile games and provide the best quality and quantity of entertainment for our audience,” said JT Klepp, CEO of MoConDi. “The initial response from our community is overwhelmingly positive.”