New Universal Studios roller coaster to have onboard YouTube video recording


There’s gonna be some sort of super roller coaster opening at Universal Studios in Florida next year. Drudge picked it up, so it must be newsworthy. Not only will it be the tallest in the Orlando area (wow!), but riders will be able to obtain, which probably means “buy,” a YouTube-friendly video of their entire trip on the ride. You’ll also be able to choose a soundtrack for the ride, making it even more perfect for YouTube. Plenty of My Chemical Romance (are they still big?) playing during teens’ trips, plenty of stupid indie rock for the 20-somethings and whatever it is that 30-year-old listen to.

The ride is currently scheduled to open next January. Oh, and it’ll be called Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit. See how they purposely misspelt “rocket” there? Clever!

High-Tech Roller Coaster Will Hover Over Heads At Orlando Theme Park [WKMG Orlando via Drudge Report]