These could be photos of the Intel Netbook


These could be photos of Intel’s upcoming Netbook, the corp’s answer to do-good computers like the XO Laptop and the Asus Eee(eeee) PC. There’s conflicting information as to whether it’s powered by Intel’s just-announced Atom processor or a Celeron, which, in turn, leads to questions about its price: $250-$350 using Atom or $400 with the Celeron.

The other stats aren’t too bad for such a world-saving computer. There’s 512MB RAM, 40GB hard drive and the normal ports you’d expect. The 9-inch screen is about what you’d expect.


As the photo above shows, she’s got a handle just like the XO Laptop. For portability! And as the other photo shows, it comes with a free beer.

Supposedly she runs Windows XP “like a champ,” which I’m pretty sure is Biggs’ favorite saying. I wonder why she’s not running Vista?

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Photos from Flickr.