Get a FireEagle invite while they're hot

I have TEN Fire Eagle invites to give out to the hot new location-based application from Yahoo’s Brickhouse ‘skunk works’. To get one, comment on this post with a decent explanation of why you think location-aware web applications are going to be big (I’ll pick the best). These are also one-time invitation codes and can’t be reused. To find out more about FireEagle check out Michael Arrington’s story and the longer review, but essentially FireEagle is a platform for controlling people’s location information. Tell it (directly or via a third party application built on FireEagle’s APIs) where you are (give it specific lat/long, or a city name, or a zip code, etc.) and it will note your location. Users with GPS phones could some day set it to periodically update FireEagle with their location information. Right now the Fire Eagle beta has next to no functionality – it’s waiting for an eco-system of applications to be developed around it. So for example, Movable Type users were recently offered a plugin which uses FireEagle, which makes their profile “location-aware”.