PBWiki Gets An Overhaul

pbwiki-logo.pngAs Google gets into the wiki space with Google Sites (the relaunch of Jotspot), all the other little wiki startups out there will need to keep one step ahead. Those includes Wikia, Socialtext, Wetpaint, and PBWiki. As it approaches 500,000 wikis, PBWiki is now putting the 2.0 version of its site into beta. The latest version includes an updated UI, folders, enhanced access controls and an easy way to customize the look and feel of your wiki page (see the screenshot of a customized TechCrunch page below or this generic demo page). The 2 million people a month that the company says visit PBWiki should like that.

Personally, I find the UI to still be something that an engineer would love more than a graphic designer. But it is an improvement. Adding skins is a move in the right direction. What’s your favorite wiki?

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