Intel's Menlow just whetting our appetite for Moorestown


The future of portable computing is going to involve UMPCs, there’s no way of ignoring that, and Intel is working on a pretty impressive roadmap that will take it there.

Intel is set to launch the Menlow processor, which is an ultra-low-power platform with support for hyperthreading up to 1.8GHz, WiFi H.264 and MPEG2 built-in, as well as Bluetooth and GPS support, but this is just a stepping stone to the awesome-sounding Moorestown platform.

Moorestown is a tiny yet powerful processor family that will come in both single and dual-core configurations and has the lofty goal of being low-powered enough to last all day on a single battery charge, even when used continuously.

Is it hot? Yes. Will we actually use it when it comes out in 2009? Oh, yes indeed, especially if it’s in an iPhone.

UMPC: 2007 = Menlow, 2008 = Moorestown [Beyond 3-D’s forums]