Velocity Finances Generate, A Professional Studio for Online Video Content

Velocity Investments has continued its roll of putting money into digital media by leading a $6M Series A round for Generate.

Generate is a studio with a focus on developing professional video content for the web that, if successful, could be parlayed into shows broadcasted through more traditional methods, most notably TV. Its target demographic consists of so-called “Millenials” or those belonging to Generation Y.

The studio will produce the next installment of a web-based show called “Pink – The Series” (a clip of which we have embedded below). The series has already experienced four million views since debuting in September. Generate also plans on developing two comedies for the web.

Ross Levinsohn, the co-founding partner of Velocity, is quoted as saying that “Generate represents the wave of the future for production and management companies.” What do you think? Do you hope the clip below is representative of the professional content that will increasingly emerge online?