Razer Salmosa: Goes really well with chicken tikka masala

We got a chance to see Razer’s new mouse, the ultra-light Salmosa. Designed for real-time strategy players, this is a very basic, smaller-sized mouse aimed at the Asian market where games like Warcraft and Starcraft still rule the day. The Salmosa should sell for 29.99 euro or about $35. It’s hitting the streets in August.

The mouse is surprisingly light and small and feature’s Razer’s 1800dpi infrared sensor and quick button switches for faster reaction time.

Incidentally, the President of Razer, Robert Krakoff informed us that he was actually on the flight into Hamburg that you will find after the jump. Needless to say Mr. Krakoff was fairly subdued during our meeting, although that could have just been the San Diego in him.