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Facebook is just, like soooo over? No, wait, before we descend into cliché, the more interesting thing about the below video is that it’s not made by Americans, but by Brits, bored with Facebook’s more useless applications and the like. But then, when you realise this is a video created by a viral marketing company, you have to ask, is this real sentiment or manufactured, especially when Facebook grew by 712% in the UK over the last year? Hard to say, but the video has had 56,339 views so far. Yes, Facebook’s traffic dropped by 5% in the last quarter, but I guess they’ll worry most when people stop posting videos about them. (via Broadstuff).

  • http://blog.spinvox.com James Whatley

    Love it. Shared it everywhere.

    My sentiments exactly.

  • http://www.vinayis.in Vinay

    I still don’t have a clue how FB is so popular everywhere! Its the most confusing Social Networking I have ever seen, probably takes a lot time to learn the system and get used to it. People want something simple and easy
    to take on.. facebook is too professional system for any newbies to handle!

    Believe me or not, every time I login to just logout! I am confused as what to do when I login!

  • Maggy Young

    I agree with James & Vinay, the video & also with the blog !!
    I think F/Book’s overrated, but interest in the video is just reflective of the overall interest in the F/Book culture. It probably isn’t the easiest of sites, Bebo is much easier for example, but this is probably in line with the interests of what is still its core element, the tech savvy US student.
    Interest may wane, but no real signs are there yet.

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