Future 'RockStar' games to be exclusively on PS3?


According to a recent article in Play Magazine, your favorite Grand Theft Auto developer might be going PS3-only from here on out. That seems downright silly, but there’s a quote from an article about GTA IV that goes a little something like this…

“The game is both PS3 and 360, but Rockstar has suggested that all further game development is going to be PS3 exclusive.”

Nerdly consensus around the web has been that this might be a case of Sony throwing a bunch of money at RockStar and/or its parent company Take 2 Interactive in exchange for an exclusivity agreement, perhaps just for the GTA series or maybe for other titles as well.

I’d submit that RockStar shouldn’t leave all that Xbox 360, Wii, and even PC money on the table but there’s no telling how much this agreement might be worth.

Rumor: Rockstar going PS3 exclusive after GTA IV [MaxConsole] via SlashGear