CrunchDeals: Discount flights on Virgin America

Airline fares? Yeah, I’m telling you about discount fares on Virgin America because it’s the geekiest domestic airline out there right now. No need to use SeatGuru to find out which seats have outlets because every seat on VA has an outlet. RED is a pretty badass in-flight entertainment suite considering you don’t have to pay for it like you would on other airlines. Oh, and wait until AirCell’s in-flight Wi-Fi service is up and running on VA and you’ll never want to fly anyone else. Well, what are you waiting for? You could be waiting for them to open up shop in your area, which is understandable. I’ll let it slide for now. If you live in SD, SF, LA, LV, SEA*, DC or NYC just be sure to book by 2/22 and fly by 5/21.

*Service to and from Seattle doesn’t start till next month.

Virgin America