AT&T Centro: Unboxing + first impressions

It’s here, and it’s cute, and it works, and it’s rad. I’ve always been a fan of the Treo line from Palm, so I was stoked to open this guy up today. It’s very much like the Sprint Centro that I reviewed a few months ago.

It fits nicely in the pocket, and is a good weight. Not heavy, but with enough to know it’s there. More after the jump, with many pics!

The screen is responsive and the buttons firm. The stylus is a bit light, flimsy, even, but it works. I’d recommend a replacement, though.

The contents of the box are sparse, the phone, a USB cable, the charger, software and manuals, and that’s it. Don’t look for headphones, memory cards or anything else fancy, this is a mass market smartphone.

I’ll be using it the next few days and will have more as soon as I’ve formulated my love/hate relationship well enough.


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