How To Get Your Job Listings On TechCrunch For Free

There are basically two ways to get your job listings highlighted on TechCrunch: shell out $200 for a listing on CrunchBoard, or write a blog post talking about how you read TechCrunch in the bathroom. Either option is fine by us.

More than twenty new jobs have been posted to Crunchboard in the last week. Here are a few highlights:

    Business Development Manager, MySpace
    Ruby on Rails Software Engineer, JibJab
    Market Research Manager, CNET
    Senior Manager, TravelPod Labs, TripAdvisor
    User Experience Manager / Producer,
    CTO, Unigo
    Technical Writer with JavaScript experience, Placebase
    Software Integration Engineer, GoMobo
    Executive Producer, LeapFrog Enterprises

And TechCrunch is hiring too (luckily, we don’t have to pay for our own job listings):

    Events Expert
    Spring-Term College Interns (remote work)
    CrunchBase Analyst
    TechCrunch Research Analyst