Yahoo Relaunches Yahoo Video

Amid the turmoil of staff layoffs, takeover offers and merger discussions, Yahoo has relaunched Yahoo Video.

The biggest change to the service is the addition of a 16:9 viewer, along with support for files up to 150mb, embedable playlists and improved user profiles. The content focus has changed from simply offering content uploaded by users, to including video material from other Yahoo properties, including music, movies, TV, news and sports.

Yahoo Video has struggled to make an impression against Google’s domination of the market and according to comScore is about to be surpassed in traffic by Dailymotion. The service was not helped by Yahoo’s decision to offer its live video streaming service under the Yahoo Live banner instead off Yahoo Video, when there are rumors that Google may offer live streaming from YouTube later this year. Yahoo acquired video advertising service Malvern Networks for $150 million January 31.