CrunchGear/TechCrunch/MobileCrunch Barcelona Meet-up report

Proof: It was not a total sausage party. There was sausage, obviously, but it was chorizo.

It has been said that there is no party like a CrunchGear party because a CrunchGear party never comes to an end. This, friends, was true about our strange little meet-up in a weird paella place near the Fira last Wednesday where I got to meet some cool entrepreneurs with actually interesting products and the venture capitalists who love them.

The event started inauspiciously. The original location I had found fell through at the absolute last minute and I sent everyone down the street to an odd place that I had lunch at the previous day. We trekked up to what was apparently once an attic and was now a hot, kind of tight upstairs dining room. We started the night off with beers and a local then ordered tapas for all. I wandered from attendee to attendee — more on them in future posts — and put some faces to the shining lights of Barcelona’s tech scene which is quite vibrant. No where have I seen anything quite like the products and projects some of the attendees are working on, which made me glad I got to meet some of these guys away from the show floor.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and please drop me a line with more information on your start up for inclusion into MC, TC, or CG in the next week or so.