iWave Cube: the littlest microwave that could


A microwave is a bachelor or college student’s best friend. Let’s be honest here. Does anyone really like to cook? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Living in tight quarters like most apartments in NYC, for example, that don’t have stoves really sucks because you either have to eat out all the time or acquire a little gas grill. The latter isn’t always safe, either. Having an inebriated individual try and light a gas grill is not safe.

It’s also a little fitting that I post about this on Valentine’s Day (barf). This is probably the coolest present you can give your signif. The iWave Cube weighs 12 lbs and measures in at 10″x10.5″x12″. Argue all you want about it being small and not being able to reheat large amounts of food, but that’s sort of the point. This is meant for those living in small quarters or for someone that just needs a microwave once in a while. It even has a carry handle!

The iWave Cube comes in red, black and silver. It retails for $130 and can be found at Sharper Image or in the SkyMall catalogs.

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