Kindo wins seed funding to map your living family tree

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The area of family tree social networks is growing as people move from seeing the benefits of social networking for business and friends through to using it to map their family social graph as well. is about ancestors and is, in the main, genealogy, but few have tackled the issue of mapping and communicating with your living family. Yes, you could do its through Facebook but it’s not a very focused method.
So London-based Kindo, which addresses this area, just won undisclosed seed funding from Estonia-based Ambient Sound Investments. Why are they Estonian based? Because they are formed from Skype’s founding engineers. Also in the seed round is Saul and Robin Klein of The Accelerator Group (TAG), and Stefan Glänzer, first investor in and executive chairman until the acquisition last year by CBS.

Kindo covers the “next generation” family tree, with communication features, stats and a family ‘news feed’ not unlike a Facebook feed. Perhaps it’s stand-out proposition is that because it is translated into 14 languages including Russian, Arabic and Chinese it will be aimed at groups traditionally associated with a tight-knit sense of family.

  • Well done Kindo

    A sure fire hit then if they have that investment team.

  • Andy

    Great news, great product, great team. Good job guys…

  • Noah

    Disclosure: I am a employee.

    Mike – Thanks for the mention. I would invite you to spend some time on Geni. I think that you will find our feature set and growing user base is very much focused on enabling communication and collaboration among living family members.

    In addition to all of the features you mentioned above (communication features, stats, family ‘newsfeed’), users have really enjoyed creating a shared digital scrapbook of their lives with our unlimited photo sharing and our new events and timeline features.

    We have a number of significant enhancements and new features that we will roll out in the next few months – stay tuned!

    The Geni Team

  • Gareth

    Disclosure: I am a employee…

    Mike, thanks for the post ;-)

    I think the two most important things for us thus far have been our local approach (url’s, languages, outreach) and focussing on the living family.

    Noah rightly points out that they are releasing more and more features aimed at the living family, although from the outset it did (and to some still does) seem they were aiming more at the genealogy enthusiast.

    I guess that’s the point of this game – your competition keeps you on your toes, and your users should direct you in the features you build. What features work best for users and are most rewarding for people like us is still up for debate and proof…

    Looking forward to the next 18 months!! ;-)

    – Gareth
    Kindo Coffee Maker

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