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MySpace launches an applications platform to compete with Facebook today at Although MySpace signed up to Google’s OpenSocial project, it’s own platform will have MySpace-specific “extensions”.

From today, there will be a one month application development period allowing developers to build and test their apps without them being available to the public. MySpace says there will be a lot of privacy controls and “safety gates” to stop malicious applications getting through to users. After this they will be launched on the site in March. All platform applications will launch at the same time.

Jim Benedetto, MySpace’s vice president of technology told me by phone that it should be pretty easy for developers to pick up the platform as it’s based on OpenSocial, which uses javascript and html. MySpace is also making a big push towards developers who want to monetize their applications via advertising. Developer’s get to keep all ad revenues from their applications

Some critics might argue that MySpace – launching its platform well after Facebook – is late to the platform game, but it would be fair to say there is plenty of territory left to stake out.

The MySpace Developer Platform Site includes:

• Three sets of APIs:
o OpenSocial with MySpace extensions to enable javascript and html
o Action scripts to allow flash to speak directly to our APIs
o REST to enable server to server communication (speeding up applications)
• Developer Team Blog
• Documentation
• Forums
• Test harnesses: Developers can test applications on a limited number of profiles in a functional environment has more on this. Meanwhile in London MySpace is reaching out to developers via an event on Thursday night featuring Benedetto himself.

  • Lost in Space

    Do you mean the dev environment is RESTful? If so why is this Server to Server communication?

    To be honest its all a bit too little too late.

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